Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 09.12.52 - Industrialized Buildings and Manufactured Homes - Application for Plan Approval by Manufacturers

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg Application for Plan Approval by Manufacturers

A. General. A plan approval shall be obtained from the Department for each model of industrialized building which is subject to these Regulations . Approved models shall be accepted by the local enforcement agency as approved for the purpose of granting an installation permit when the design loads are safe for the locality as determined by the local enforcement agency. Installation permits shall be issued subject to compliance with Public Safety Article, § 12-305, Annotated Code of Maryland, and provisions of this regulation.

B. Application. An application to the Department for plan approval shall include:

(1) A completed application in duplicate on forms obtainable from the Department.

(2) Two complete sets of plans and specifications for the prototype model. When additional models use the same systems as in the prototype, two sets of the floor plans only must be submitted for each of the additional models. Calculations and any required test results will be submitted through the approved test facility or may be prepared by the approved test facility and included in their submission.

(3) Quality control procedures manual or manuals pursuant to § C, below.

(4) Plan filing fee pursuant to Regulation .12 below.

(5) Certificate by Approved Test Facility. The manufacturer shall contract with an approved testing facility to review his plans for code compliance and to monitor his factory operations and quality assurance program. To save processing time, the application, plans, specifications, and quality control manual may be submitted directly to the Department. However, before approval can be given, the approved test facility, which has been selected by the manufacturer, shall submit a letter certifying that the manufacturer's designs, plans, factory operations, specifications, and quality control practices have been reviewed and are approved as complying with all the current code requirements of the Department. A design analysis of critical features will be included with the certification letter. In special situations such as a newly approved manufacturer on a temporary basis, or a limited production manufacturer, the Department may waive the requirement of the contract with an approved testing facility and provide plan review and monitoring for factory operations and the quality assurance program directly, charging the fees prescribed in Regulation .12.

(6) New Models and Changes. When new models or alterations are desired to be manufactured after the initial application approval, a request for approval for the new model or modification in the prototype unit shall be submitted before any production of these models for shipment to this State. Two copies of the plans or changes shall be provided. A certification letter shall also be received from the approved testing facility showing its review and approval for code compliance of the new models or alterations. The fee prescribed in Regulation .12C shall be paid.

C. In-Plant Quality Assurance.

(1) The quality control manual required by § B(3), above, will outline the manufacturer's program to insure compliance with his approved plans and specifications. It will list the various tests and checks that must be recorded for each unit being manufactured. The manufacturer and approved testing facility shall maintain records for not less than 2 years after shipment to verify that each unit has been inspected and complies with the plans as approved by the Department.

(2) In order to assure an independent check on the units being produced for use in this State, the manufacturer's approved testing facility shall check the units being produced. For dwelling units, or larger structures, the approved testing facility inspector shall check some phase of each unit being fabricated for delivery in the State. He shall also observe the entire production line for compliance with approved plans, materials, and test requirements including required unit records. For subsystems or components, the approved testing facility may recommend a lesser frequency of inspection and submit its recommendation to the Department for approval. The State insignias will be issued and controlled by the approved testing facility. The approved testing facility inspector shall apply insignias to completed units, or, if the units are incomplete, he may leave the insignias with the plant quality control inspector for application upon completion of the units.

D. Unannounced Inspections. In accordance with Public Safety Article, § 12-311, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Department shall make periodic unannounced inspections, in addition to those of the approved testing facility, to verify that the units produced comply with the plans, inspection procedures and quality assurance program as approved by the Department. The cost of two of these inspections per year may be charged to the manufacturer in accordance with the fee schedule specified in Regulation .12.

(Regulation .09 amended and recodified from effective 46:6 Md. R. 345, eff. 3/25/2019)
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