Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 05.04.02 - Housing Rehabilitation Program-Applicable Codes and Standards - Exterior and Interior Finishes

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg Exterior and Interior Finishes

A. Objective.

(1) Acceptably prevent the entrance or penetration of moisture and weather;

(2) Be protected from damage by decay, corrosion, insects, and other destructive elements; and

(3) Provide reasonable durability and economy of maintenance.

B. Exterior Finish.

(1) Exterior Wall Covering. Repairs or replacement shall be made to defective exterior wall finish materials. Exterior walls shall be free of holes, cracks, and broken or rotted finish materials.

(2) Roof Covering. All roofs shall have a suitable, watertight, and reasonably durable covering free of holes, cracks, excessively worn surfaces, or other defects.

(3) Exterior Surfaces. Exterior surfaces shall be treated, if necessary, to eliminate the hazards of lead-based paint poisoning in the manner determined by the Program.

C. Gutters and Downspouts. Each dwelling shall have a controlled method of disposal of water from roofs if necessary to prevent damage to the property, and to avoid causing unsightly staining of walls and windows where adequate roof overhangs are not provided.

D. Flashing. To prevent the entrance of water, all critical joints in exterior roof and wall construction which are exposed or partly exposed shall be protected by sheet metal or other suitable flashing material.

E. Windows, Doors, and Other Openings.

(1) Existing windows and doors, including their hardware, shall operate satisfactorily and give evidence of continuing acceptable service. Defective glass or locking mechanisms shall be replaced or corrected.

(2) Screens shall be provided for all windows, doors, and other openings except in regions where their use is not customary or needed. Existing screens and storm sashes which are to be continued in use shall be in suitable condition to serve their intended purpose.

F. Interior Walls and Ceiling Finish.

(1) All interior walls and ceilings shall provide the following:

(a) A finished surface without noticeable irregularities or cracking;

(b) A waterproof and hard surface in space subject to moisture;

(c) A suitable base for painting or other decoration; and

(d) Reasonable durability and economy of maintenance.

(2) Exterior surfaces shall be treated, if necessary, to eliminate the hazards of leadbased paint poisoning in the manner determined by the Program.

G. Finish Floors. Finish floors shall be appropriate to the use of the space and in good condition, and shall provide reasonable ease of maintenance and an extended life service.

H. Painting and Decoration.

(1) Protective and decorative finish coating or surfacing shall provide adequate resistance to weathering, protection of surfaces from moisture or corrosion, an attractive appearance, and reasonable durability.

(2) Paint may not contain more than .5 percent lead by weight calculated as lead metal in the total nonvolatile content of liquid paints or in the dried film of paint already applied.

I. Alterations and Repairs. All alterations, repairs, and other improvements shall be harmonious with existing materials.

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