Code of Maine Rules

Current through 2023-52, December 27, 2023


An assessment of the interests, abilities, and special needs of students with respect to predicting successful completion of the vocational education program shall be provided.

Vocational assessment is a comprehensive, ongoing process - K through Adult - with the purpose of identifying individual characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, interests, education, training, and placement needs in a manner which considers individual interests and abilities free of sex bias and sex role stereotyping. The goal of this process is to provide students with insight into their vocational potential and to provide educators and parents/guardians the basis for planning a student's individual vocational program.


The following is a recommended delivery system of assessment based on a three-level hierarchy. The responsibilities and activities of each Level are described.

Level 1: Analyze information which is currently available for all


1. School records

a. academic achievement

b. Intelligence test results

c. attendance

d. medical history social history

2. Interviews with

a. student

b. teacher

c. parent/guardian

3. Special education records

a. current multidisciplinary evaluation team report

b. IEP


It is the responsibility of the teacher, counselor, teacher consultant, or assigned professional to compile Level I data and share this report with staff required to complete Level 11 activities.

Level II: Special information on ability, interest, achievement, and behavior as it would relate to vocational programming.

1. Administer interest Inventory

2. Administer ability/aptitude measures

3. Complete a behavioral *valuation form

4. Administer social awareness scale

Level it assessments should be completed by professionals trained in the use of the test instruments. A vocational assessment report must be completed following Level I and Level II activities and prior to vocational placement.

Level III: If it is determined that data in addition to Level I and II information is required, then a referral will be made for a Level III evaluation. This referral will contain specific questions to be addressed during the Level III evaluation.

Level III evaluation is a multi-dimensional, comprehensive evaluation for students needing hands-on simulated work experiences designed to measure perceptional skills, psychomotor skills, and physical stamina/agility.

1. Administer work samples

2. Administer aptitude tests

3. Observe and record work behavior

4. Situational assessment

5. Administer other appropriate tests

Level III assessment should be performed by a trained vocational evaluator.

Information obtained from vocational assessment way be used in the following ways:

to determine whether vocational program placement is appropriate; to determine the applicability of services available to special population students; to determine need for remediation/developmental studies; to identify the need for other modifications such as adoptions of curriculum, methods of instruction, equipment, and facilities; to provide a data base for guidance counseling and career development activities for Individual students; and to assist the student in cooperative education, work experience, or job placement.

Eligibility of educational handicapped students to participate in vocational programs is determined by the Pupil Evaluation Team. Participation may be limited to specific aspects of the program, extended beyond the normal time prescribed by the curriculum, or otherwise modified to accommodate the special needs of the educationally handicapped student. These modifications must be part of the student's IEP; the IEP must also provide for sufficient support services so that the regular program will not be compromised.

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