Code of Maine Rules
Section 071-231-2 - Postsecondary Vocational Education

Current through 2023-52, December 27, 2023

The general application procedure for vocational programs shall apply except that:

A. Whereas students attending VTI's come from all parts of the state and whereas the state has a high occurrence of families with below average income, the distribution of funds to the VTI system will be considered as one.

B. Joint program screening and approval process:

The Screening Committee is charged with the responsibility of guaranteeing against undesirable duplication, promoting joint program planning between the University (referring to any and all campuses of the University of Maine system) and the Vocational Technical Institutes (referring to any and all campuses of the Vocational Technical Institutes) and encouraging both institutions to share resources, facilities and staff, as appropriate.

The following approval procedures have been developed to carry out this responsibility.

1. When either the University or the Department of Education (hereinafter called Department) considers a new program, the respective University campus or Vocational Technical Institute site will complete an intention to plan.
a. The "Intent to Plan" form for less than baccalaureate, catalogued programs for the University is sent from the campus to the Vice Chancellor for Academic affairs. After review by the University Program Review Committee, the Vice Chancellor will send the Intent to Plan to the Screening Committee with comment, or if considered already," the Intent to Plan is returned to the campus (University) with an explanation for the action.

b. The "Intent to Plan" form for less than baccalaureate, catalogued programs for the Vocational Technical Institutes is sent from the campus to the Associate Commissioner for Vocational Education. After review by a meeting of the Vocational Technical Institute Directors and approval by the Associate Commissioner for Vocational Education, it is sent to the Screening Committee with comment, or if not considered "ready," the Intent to Plan is returned to the campus (Vocational Technical Institute) with explanation for the action.

2. Each "Intent to Plan" forwarded to the Screening Committee by the University or the Department will include a detailed transmittal letter indicating the specific recommendations of the Program Review Committee (University) or Directors (Vocational Technical Institute) developed in the initial screening process.

3. The Screening Committee acknowledges receipt of the "Intent to Plan" and forwards copies of the plan to all the campuses-University and Vocational Technical Institute -with a request for institutional reactions to the "Intent to Plan," within a three-week period of receipt of the copy of the Plan.

4. When an "Intent to Plan" is placed on the Screening Committee agenda for action, the person responsible for planning the program and any party that has a vested interest in the program or has any questions regarding the program may be invited to the Screening Committee meeting. All sessions are open. All business is recorded by a part-time secretary to the Committee who receives mutual support from the Department of Education and from the University of Maine.

5. The Screening Committee will meet three or four times a year on a published schedule and all requests for programs will be submitted to the Screening Committee forty-five (45) days prior to each Screening Committee meeting. Special meetings may be called by the ex-officio Screening Committee representatives in those special situations that require immediate action.

In each request, the Committee reviews and discusses the "Intent," written responses/reactions from other institutions, and all information relevant to the proposed plan for a new program. The Screening Committee determines whether or not the program meets the three criteria:

a. to guarantee against undesirable duplication;

b. to promote joint planning; and

c. to achieve a sharing of resources, facilities, and staff as appropriate.

If continued planning is approved, the Vocational Technical Institute or University campus is so notified in writing at the same time it receives a critique of the "Intent to Plan." If an "Intent" is not approved, an applicant agency can submit a written appeal to the two ex-officio members of the Screening Committee. They will jointly review the appeal and render a decision within ten (10) days of its receipt. In the instance they cannot reach agreement the problem will be forwarded to the Commissioner/Chancellor for review and action within thirty (30) days.

Once an "Intent to Plan" has been approved the applicant agency has three months to submit the proposal to the Screening Committee. The applicant agency can request one automatic extension (of three months) but if the completed proposal cannot be readied within a six-month period the Intent to Plan as approved is no longer in effect, and the University campuses and Vocational Technical Institute locations will be so notified.

A written record will be maintained and attached to the "Intent to Plan" as part of the file of the applicant institution. A copy of Screening Committee action will be sent to the applicant institution, as well as to offices of the Commissioner and the Chancellor.

6. The proposal, once developed, must be submitted directly to the Screening Committee for review and approval. In its proposal review it is a task of the Screening Committee to be assured that the document follows the recommendations offered as part of the critique of the Intent to Plan. Support of the proposal by the Screening Committee is contingent upon:
a. A full response to questions or issues raised by the Screening Committee; and

b. Detailed justification for the program.

7. The Screening Committee reports its action (acceptance, rejection, or referral for further action) with accompanying rationale to the Vice Chancellor or to the Associate Commissioner, with a copy to the institution submitting the proposal. In cases of acceptance the recommendations of the Screening Committee are sent by the Chancellor or Commissioner to the respective Board of either the Vocational Technical Institute or the University of Maine for their formal approval.

8. In the event that the applicant agency does not agree with the findings of the Screening Committee and agreement cannot be reached, than an appeal of the issue, with complete documentation, may be submitted to the Chancellor and Commissioner for resolve.

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