Indiana Administrative Code
Rule 11 - Code of Professional Conduct
Section 11-2 - Relationships with other professionals

Universal Citation: 868 IN Admin Code 11-2

Current through June 21, 2023

Authority: IC 25-33-1-3

Affected: IC 25-1; IC 25-33-1

Sec. 2.

(a) A psychologist shall terminate a clinical or consulting relationship when it is reasonably clear the client or patient is not benefitting from it and shall offer to help locate alternative sources of assistance.

(b) Psychologists who employ or supervise other psychologists or psychology trainees shall facilitate the professional development of these persons and provide timely evaluations, constructive consultation, and experience opportunities.

(c) A psychologist shall ensure that all employees and psychology trainees are engaged only in activities consistent with their training and are aware of and adhere to the code of professional conduct as found in this rule.

(d) A psychologist who employs individuals who are not licensed to provide psychological services shall provide supervision for the individuals. This supervision shall be provided by a licensed psychologist. The supervision shall include a minimum of one (1) hour weekly individual face-to-face supervision. The supervising psychologist shall read and sign all reports and correspondence. At any time services are offered, there shall be available a psychologist, either physically present or by telephone. When a psychologist is not physically present, there shall be a written set of procedures to be followed in cases of an emergency.

(e) When a psychologist has reason to believe there has been a violation by another psychologist of the statutes or rules of the board, the psychologist shall file a complaint with the consumer protection division of the office of the attorney general of Indiana. Information regarding such a violation obtained in the context of a professional relationship with a client is to be reported only with the written permission of the client.

(f) When a psychologist is providing supervision for another psychologist or a psychology student or intern, the supervising psychologist shall not be in a dual relationship with the supervisee.

(g) When a psychologist is providing supervision for another psychologist or a psychology student or intern, reports to be transmitted to third parties, treatment plans, and psychological evaluation reports shall be cosigned by the supervising psychologist.

A record of the identity of the supervising psychologist shall be kept in the client/patient file.

(h) A psychologist shall not unjustly exploit persons over whom the psychologist has supervisory, evaluative, or other authority such as the following:

(1) Students.

(2) Supervisees.

(3) Employees.

(4) Research participants.

(5) Clients or patients.

(i) A psychologist shall not enter into a sexual relationship with a student or supervisee in training over whom the psychologist has evaluative or direct authority.

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Readopted filed 11/25/2019, 12:24 p.m.: 20191225-IR-868190190RFA

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