Illinois Administrative Code
Section 65.150 - Minimum Sanitation and Operating Requirements for Shell Egg Grading Plants, Not Under Federal Inspection, Engaged in the Grading, Storage, Packaging and Distribution of Eggs

Universal Citation: 8 IL Admin Code ยง 65.150

Current through Register Vol. 47, No. 25, June 23, 2023

a) Buildings shall be of sound construction so as to prevent the entrance or harboring of vermin.

b) All areas and rooms in which eggs are handled, graded, and packed shall be kept reasonably clean during working hours and shall be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each operating day.

c) Cooler rooms shall be free from objectionable odors, such as mustiness or a rotten odor, and shall be maintained in a clean sanitary condition.

d) Oil processing of shell eggs to preserve quality shall be conducted in a manner as will avoid contamination of the eggs. The temperature of the processing oil must be warmer than the temperature of the eggs to which it is applied.

1) Oil having any off odor or oil that is obviously contaminated shall not be used. Processing oil that has been previously used and that has become contaminated shall be filtered and heated to 180° F. for three minutes prior to reuse.

2) Oil treating equipment shall be washed, rinsed and treated with a bactericidal agent each time the oil is removed. It is preferable to filter and heat treat processing oil and clean processing equipment daily when in use. Equipment shall be covered when not in use to keep it clean.

3) Eggs with apparent moisture on the shell shall not be oil treated.

e) Egg cleaning equipment shall be kept in good repair and shall be thoroughly cleaned after each day's use or more often if necessary to maintain a sanitary condition. The wash water shall be potable and maintained at a temperature of 90° F. minimum. The wash water temperature must be at least 20° greater than the egg temperature. The wash water shall be replaced frequently and the detergent and sanitizer shall be kept at an effective level at all times.

1) During any rest period, or at any time when the equipment is not in operation, the eggs shall be removed from the washing and rinsing area of the egg washer and from the scanning area whenever there is a build-up of heat.

2) Only USDA or Federal approved cleaning and sanitizing compounds may be used ( 7 CFR 59.515(2004) ). Washed eggs shall be reasonably dry before cartoning or casing.

f) Washing eggs by hand, or by any other method in which the water temperature, cleaning and sanitizing agents, and bacterial contamination cannot be controlled, is prohibited.

g) Motor driven rotary cleaning pads, hand sanding, or other "dry cleaning" devices may be used to clean eggs, but they are not recommended. Dry cleaning pulverizes the dirt, thereby spreading it over all adjoining surfaces, including eggs. In the absence of an adequate air filtering system, the process shall be considered as air pollution and a health hazard for persons handling the eggs.

Amended at 29 Ill. Reg. 14774, effective October 1, 2005

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