Hawaii Administrative Rules
Subtitle 4 - FISHERIES
Section 13-51-1 - Definitions

Universal Citation: HI Admin Rules 13-51-1
Current through August, 2022

As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates or is otherwise provided:

"Area" means the Kahului Harbor fisheries management area as described in section 13-51-1.1.

"Board" means the board of land and natural resources.

"Department" means the department of land and natural resources.

"Hand net" means a net consisting of a mesh bag attached to a frame to hold the bag open, and a handle. The net is small enough for use with one hand by one person.

"Kahului Harbor" means the harbor situate at Kahului, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.

"Landing net" means a hand net that is used to further secure capture of marine life, after the marine life has been first hooked or otherwise detained, to prevent the marine life from becoming unhooked or lost.

"Marine life" means any type or species of saltwater fish, shellfish, mollusks, crustaceans, coral, or other marine animals, including any part, product, egg, or offspring thereof; or seaweed or other marine plants, including any part, product, seed, or holdfast thereof.

"Snag" means to hook or attempt to hook a fish, without first waiting for a bite. Any fish hooked on any portion of its body other than its mouth shall be considered snagged.

"Stretched mesh" means the straight-line distance between two opposite inner edges of each opening (or 'eye') of the net mesh, as measured when the eye is stretched to its maximum length.

"Take" means to fish for, catch, capture, confine, or harvest, or to attempt to fish for, catch, capture, confine, or harvest, marine life. The use of any gear, equipment, tool, or any means to fish for, catch, capture, confine, or harvest, or to attempt to fish for, catch, capture, confine, or harvest, marine life by any person who is in the water, or in a vessel on the water, or on or about the shore where marine life can be fished for, caught, captured, confined, or harvested, shall be construed as taking. This term shall not apply to the temporary capture or confinement of any specimen which is returned to the water as soon as possible after landing.

[Eff 3/8/84; am and comp APR 30 2009] (Auth: HRS § 188-53) (Imp: HRS § 188-53)

[Am and comp 11/27/2021]

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