Hawaii Administrative Rules
Subtitle 4 - FISHERIES
Section 13-30-1.1 - Definitions

Universal Citation: HI Admin Rules 13-30-1.1
Current through August, 2022

As used in this chapter unless otherwise provided:

"A'ama crab" means a species of small, intertidal crustaceans known as Grapsus grapsus tenuicrustatus or a recognized synonym. This species is also known as rock crab and weak-shelled rock crab.

"Finfish" means any vertebrate fish that uses fins to swim.

"Fishing gear" means any device used to take marine life.

"Hand net" means a type of hand held fishing gear consisting of a cone or bag of soft, flexible mesh material kept open with a rigid circular frame attached to one rigid handle.

"Knife" means a cutting instrument consisting of a sharpened blade with a handle.

"Net" means a type of fishing gear consisting primarily of mesh material made into various shapes, such as but not limited to, a bag, sack, pouch, enclosure, or curtain, used to entangle, surround, or concentrate aquatic life.

"Pole-and-line" means a type of fishing gear consisting primarily of a pole and a length of fishing line.

"Spear" means a type of fishing gear consisting of a straight rigid shaft with one or more sharpened points at one end of the shaft, along with, any device that aids in the aiming accuracy or the force of propulsion of the shaft. A spear includes, but is not limited to, spear gun, bow and arrow, Hawaiian sling, and three-prong spear. Also includes any similar device that is capable of impaling aquatic life to allow capture, with or without the aid of artificial propulsion.

"Take" means to fish for, catch, or harvest, or to attempt to fish for, catch, or harvest, aquatic life. The use of any gear, equipment, tool, or any means to fish for, catch, capture, or harvest, or to attempt to fish for, catch, capture, or harvest, aquatic life by any person who is in the water, or in a vessel on the water, or on or about the shore where aquatic life can be fished for, caught, or harvested, shall be construed as taking.

"Trap" means a type of fishing gear consisting primarily of mesh, perforated, or solid material made into the shape of a box, container, or enclosure, with one or more openings that allow aquatic life to enter into the interior of the box, container, or enclosure, but restrict exit out, thereby capturing the aquatic life within.

[Eff and comp 7/21/01] (Auth: HRS § 190-3) (Imp: HRS §§ 190-1, 190-2, 190-3)

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