Compilation of Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia
Rule 360-5-.03 - Application for Physician Utilization of a Physician Assistant

Universal Citation: GA Rules and Regs r 360-5-.03

RULE 360-5-.03. Application for Physician Utilization of a Physician Assistant

(1) In order to obtain approval to supervise a physician assistant, the physician who will be responsible for the performance of the Physician Assistant shall submit an application to the Board. The application shall be made upon forms supplied by the Board and must be approved by the Board before the supervising physician(s) may delegate health care tasks to the physician assistant.

(a) The board shall have the authority to approve or deny any primary or alternate supervising physicians.

(2) The supervising physician(s) must certify that he/she has received, read, and is familiar with the Medical Practice Act, Physician Assistant Act and Board rules and regulations by signing the statement on the application.

(3) The application must include:

(a) The name of the primary supervising physician.

(b) Alternate supervising physicians, as designated by the primary supervising physician, if applicable.

1. Unlimited alternate supervising physicians may be added to the approved list by submission of the appropriate form signed by the primary supervising physician, and each alternate to the Board. The Primary Supervising Physician and Physician Assistant signatures must be original however, the Alternate Supervising Physician signatures can be electronic.

2. An alternate supervising physician must have the following relationships with the primary supervising physician:

(i) a similar scope of practice and:

(ii) an affiliation with the primary supervisory physician's medical practice; or

(iii) An established formal call agreement.

(c) The name and location of the medical school from which the primary supervising physician was graduated and the date the degree was received.

(d) The type of practice in which the physician assistant is to provide services;

(e) A Georgia business address for the practice;

(f) A current Georgia medical license number.

(g) Evidence that the physician assistant is licensed in Georgia;

(h) A fee as required by the Board. No fee will be required if the physician assistant will be providing medical services as an employee of the state or of a county government; and

(i) A job description meeting the requirements of law and rules.

(4) Applications submitted to the Board must be completed in every detail. In order for the Board to complete disposition of the application, the Board, at its discretion, may request additional information which shall be submitted in writing by the applicant.

(5) At the option of the Board, the physician assistant and the applying supervising physician(s) may be required to appear before the Board for a personal interview.

(6) The primary supervising physician shall at all times maintain on file, readily available for inspection, documentation from the Board evidencing current approval for supervision of the physician assistant, current license status of both parties, and a copy of the applicable approved job description.

(7) After receipt of required documents, the board shall provide notification of approval or disapproval of the physician's application for utilization of a Physician Assistant.

(8) All applications for Board approval should be completed and on file with the Board at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, in order to be considered by the Physician Assistant Advisory Committee and the Board at the next meeting.

(9) Upon termination of a physician/physician assistant relationship, the physician assistant and supervising physician are required to give notice and date of termination to the board by certified mail or appropriate verifiable method, and in order to continue practicing, the physician assistant must submit an application to the Board for a new supervising physician.

a. An alternate supervising physician may not assume the primary supervising physician's role but must submit the appropriate form to the Board and receive its approval before delegating medical tasks to the physician assistant. Failure to notify the Board immediately may result in disciplinary action against the physician assistant and/or the physician(s). Failure to renew the license because of expiration will not be considered an exception to the requirements of this paragraph.

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