California Code of Regulations
Title 10 - Investment
Chapter 6.58 - Defense Retention Grant Program
Section 4083.4 - Application. Scored Information

Universal Citation: 10 CA Code of Regs 4083.4

Current through Register 2023 Notice Reg. No. 52, December 29, 2023

The Scored Information Section shall contain the following:

(a) Lead Agency (0 to 5 points): The description of the Lead Agency shall include: the name of the local agency that will be responsible for administering the Grant ("Lead Agency"), a statement that the Lead Agency meets the requirements of the definition of Applicant contained in section 4083(b), and the Lead Agency's experience in collaborating with military bases located in the Applicant's jurisdiction.

(b) Award Frequency (0 to 5 points): The number of Grants awarded to the Applicant by the Agency.

(1) Five (5) points shall be awarded to Applicants which have never received a Grant; three (3) points shall be awarded to Applicants which have received one (1) prior Grant; and zero (0) points shall be awarded to Applicants which have received two (2) or more prior Grants.

(2) Applicants that submit more than one (1) funding request in a Grant cycle shall prioritize each Application submitted, based upon the needs which exist in the Applicant's jurisdiction. If the Application with highest priority is selected for funding, the Agency shall lower the scores of the other Applications submitted by the Applicant pursuant to the procedures described in subsection (b)(1).

(c) Regional Collaboration (0 to 5 points): Five (5) points shall be awarded to Applications that address the retention of two (2) or more military bases. Zero (0) points will be awarded to Applications that address the retention of only one (1) military base.

(d) Plan Description (0 to 10 points):

(1) A description of the short- and long-term goals of the proposed Base Retention plan.

(2) A description of how the proposed plan relates to and is different from previously prepared plans or previously implemented projects that address Base Retention within the Applicant's jurisdiction.

(3) A list of the organizations that will be involved in implementing the proposed plan.

(4) A description of previous and current outreach efforts directed toward businesses and organizations in the Applicant's jurisdiction that have been adversely affected by A) the closure of a military base or relocation of some of the base's activities to another site and/or B) the transition of defense industries (and suppliers to those industries) from defense-related production to production for civilian markets.

(5) The number and type of full-time jobs that are expected to be directly retained or created by the plan during the three (3) year period following the award of the Grant. This description shall include an explanation of how this estimate was derived, identify the amount of Grant funding necessary to retain or create each position, and list the dollar amount and source of any other funding the Applicant will use for job retention or creation.

(6) Other proposals for Base Retention in the Applicant's jurisdiction.

(e) Need (0 to 10 points): The description of the necessity of the Grant shall include the following:

(1) The Applicant's efforts to obtain funding for the proposed plan from sources other than the Agency.

(2) The benefits of having an active military base within the Applicant's jurisdiction including: the percentage of jobs within the Applicant's jurisdiction derived from the military facility (using the categories contained in the current version of the North American Industry Classification System) and reductions in jobs, community services, and revenues that will occur if the military base is not retained. This description shall also include the potential impact to the Applicant's jurisdiction if the Grant request is denied.

(f) Regional Impact (0 to 10 points): How the proposed plan will directly assist the Applicant in addressing local and regional economic needs. Indicate how the proposed plan will be linked, through shared initiatives or collaborative activities, to regional business and community development resources for the purpose of addressing regional and local aspects of base retention. Examples of community development resources include, but are not limited to: community colleges, economic development groups, chambers of commerce, professional or industrial associations, regional marketing associations, Team California (a cooperative network of public and private economic development leaders that bring together resources and expertise from organizations throughout the state to promote business investment and job creation), or the Defense Marketing Association (a statewide advertising collaborative initiated by the Agency to combat the devastating loss of jobs caused by the closure and downsizing of major military bases and numerous defense facilities in California).

(g) Achievements (0 to 10 points). Indicate what has been accomplished to date to advance the retention of military bases in the Applicant's jurisdiction including, but not limited to, a description of how local, federal, and state grants previously awarded to the Applicant for Base Retention were used and the efficiency and effectiveness of the projects funded with those grants.

(h) A panel consisting of not fewer than three (3) nor more than six (6) professional employees of the Agency shall evaluate all eligible Applications based upon the categories and point values described in subsections (a) through (g). Applications receiving a total score of twenty-five (25) or more points shall be ranked and funded in descending order by number of points scored until all available funds have been committed. Applications scoring below twenty-five (25) points shall be disqualified from current consideration but may be modified and resubmitted during a subsequent funding cycle. In the event of a tie score between two or more Applicants whose total request for matching funds exceeds the remaining Grant funds available, the Agency shall award the Grant to the Applicant that received the most points pursuant to the subsection 4083.4(e) criterion. If both Applicants received the same number of points on the subsection 4083.4(e) criterion, the Agency shall award the Grant to the Applicant that received the most points pursuant to subsection 4083.4(f) criterion.

1. New section filed 2-7-2001 as an emergency; operative 2-7-2001 (Register 2001, No. 6). Pursuant to Government Code section 15346.12, a Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by 8-6-2001 or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.
2. Certificate of Compliance as to 2-7-2001 order, including amendment of section heading and section, transmitted to OAL 7-25-2001 and filed 8-17-2001 (Register 2001, No. 33).

Note: Authority cited: Sections 15346.10 and 15346.12, Government Code. Reference: Sections 15346, 15346.1, 15346.10 and 15346.12, Government Code.

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