Arizona Administrative Code
Section R9-6-1005 - Anonymous HIV Testing

Universal Citation: AZ Admin Code R 9-6-1005

Current through Register Vol. 30, No. 12, March 22, 2024

A. A local health agency and the Department shall offer anonymous HIV testing to individuals.

B. If an individual requests anonymous HIV testing, the Department or a local health agency shall:

1. Provide to the individual requesting anonymous HIV testing:
a. Health education about HIV,

b. The meaning of HIV test results, and

c. The risk factors for becoming infected with HIV or transmitting HIV to other individuals;


2. Collect a specimen of blood from the individual;

3. Record the following information in a Department-provided format:
a. The individual's date of birth;

b. The individual's race and ethnicity;

c. The individual's gender;

d. The date and time the blood specimen was collected;

e. The type of screening test;

f. Information about the individual's risk factors for becoming infected with or transmitting HIV; and

g. The name, address, and telephone number of the person collecting the blood specimen;

4. Before the individual leaves the building occupied by the Department or local health agency:
a. Test the individual's specimen of blood using the screening test for HIV specified in subsection (B)(3);

b. Provide the results of the screening test to the individual;

c. Enter the test results in the record established according to subsection (B)(3); and

d. If the test results from the screening test on the specimen of blood indicate that the individual may be HIV-infected:
i. Assist the individual to connect with persons that may have additional resources available for the individual; and

ii. Provide confirmatory testing or submit the specimen of blood to the Arizona State Laboratory for confirmatory testing by:
(1) Assigning to the blood specimen an identification number corresponding to the record established according to subsection (B)(3);

(2) Giving the individual requesting anonymous HIV testing the identification number assigned to the blood specimen and information about how to obtain the results of the confirmatory test; and

(3) Sending the blood specimen and the record specified in subsection (B)(3) to the Arizona State Laboratory for confirmatory testing; and

5. If anonymous HIV testing is provided by a local health agency, submit the record specified in subsection (B)(3) to the Department.

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