Arizona Administrative Code
Section R6-6-2103 - Qualified Vendor Application Process

Universal Citation: AZ Admin Code R 6-6-2103

Current through Register Vol. 30, No. 12, March 22, 2024

A. The Division shall post the following information on the Division web site:

1. All Requests for Qualified Vendor Applications;

2. A description of the Division's anticipated service needs;

3. The Qualified Vendor application form or forms, if any, including a description of the information and documents that must be submitted by an applicant to complete the application, and any assurances, representations or warranties that must be made by an applicant;

4. Instructions for completing the application as described in subsection (D);

5. The Qualified Vendor Agreement, including all terms and conditions, amendments, schedules and attachments; and

6. Any other information reasonably necessary to advise an applicant of application requirements, as deemed necessary by the Division to evaluate the applications.

B. The Division may send written or electronic notice of the Request for Qualified Vendor Applications to all providers on the Division's contract list, Qualified Vendor List and any party not on the contract list who has notified the Division business office in writing that it wishes to receive notification.

C. Providers and other interested parties are responsible for making themselves aware of the opportunities posted to the Division web site.

D. The Division shall include the following instructions and information as part of the Request for Qualified Vendor Applications:

1. The acceptable methods for transmitting the application to the Division, such as e-mail, fax, or mail delivery;

2. The due date, if any, for applications to be considered by the Division;

3. The street address, mailing address, e-mail address and facsimile number of the Division office to which applications are to be sent;

4. The term of the Qualified Vendor Agreement and the renewal options as established by the Division;

5. A description of the service or services for which Qualified Vendors are requested, including the covered populations, the service need by geographic area, service specifications, a delivery or performance schedule and any other information that the Division finds necessary or appropriate;

6. Whether the payment for each service will be a negotiated rate or a published rate;

7. The published rate tables as appropriate to the services requested in the Request for Qualified Vendor Applications;

8. A description of the factors to be used in the evaluation of the application;

9. The location and method for obtaining documents that are incorporated by reference in the Request for Qualified Vendor Applications including, as applicable, the Division internet address;

10. The requirement that the applicant acknowledge receipt of all amendments to the Request for Qualified Vendor Applications issued by the Division; and

11. A description of the minimum information that an applicant must submit.

E. The Division shall advise each Qualified Vendor applicant in writing whether the application is complete within 30 days of receipt of the application and shall identify the information or documentation that is missing or incomplete in the application.

1. The Division may conduct discussions with applicants to provide information about the completeness of the application and the information needed to make the application complete.

2. The Division shall specify the time-frame in which the applicant must provide the missing information.

3. The Division shall deny the application if the applicant does not provide the additional information within the time-frame defined by the Division.

F. The Division shall notify a Qualified Vendor applicant in writing whether the applicant has been accepted as a Qualified Vendor within 60 days of receipt of a complete application.

G. For negotiated rate agreements, the Division may extend the 60 day time-frame defined at R6-6-2103(F).

H. The Division shall evaluate applications for Qualified Vendor Agreements based upon the criteria defined at R6-6-2104.

I. The Division shall accord all applicants the same opportunity for discussion of the application completeness and revision to the application information.

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