[public Notice 6563] – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Request for Grant Proposals: Global Connections and Exchange Program
Document Number: E9-7208
Type: Notice
Date: 2009-04-02
Agency: [public Notice 6563], Department of State
The Youth Programs Division, Office of Citizen Exchanges, of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announces an open competition for the Global Connections and Exchange (GCE) program. Public and private non-profit organizations meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 USC 501(c)(3) may submit proposals to administer the following GCE programs: Program One: GCE Kyrgyzstan; and/or Program Two: GCE in countries in the Middle East/North Africa (see https://www.state.gov/p/nea/), South and Central Asia (see https://www.state.gov/p/sca/), and Sub-Saharan Africa (see https://www.state.gov/p/af). Countries of interest include: Kazakhstan, Maldives, South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria and Yemen. GCE programs are currently being funded in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, and the West Bank; therefore, they are disqualified from this competition. While all other countries in the regions mentioned above qualify, proposals focusing on countries of interest will be deemed more competitive under the Quality of Program Idea review element (see V.1. REVIEW PROCESS). The Bureau will award one grant for the Kyrgyzstan program and one grant for the multi-country program. The grantee organizations and/or their partners will select overseas schools and develop collaborative school partnerships with U.S. schools. Thematic online projects will enhance learning, research and cross-border communication among participating schools. If feasible, a small number of U.S. and/or foreign participants may travel to partner schools for a minimum of three weeks in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen online relationships. All Global Connections and Exchange activities will be undertaken in regular and consistent consultation with the Youth Programs Division and the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in each participating country.
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