Legal Services Corporation May 19, 2021 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Timekeeping Requirement
Document Number: 2021-10137
Type: Rule
Date: 2021-05-19
Agency: Legal Services Corporation, Agencies and Commissions
The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is adopting a final rule amending its regulation related to the timekeeping requirements of employees at LSC funding recipients. The final rule makes multiple changes to how recipients keep time. Aside from making multiple technical edits for clarity, the final rule defines the term ``case oversight'' and clarifies that employees who are subject to the timekeeping requirement are those doing work that can be charged to any of the recipient's awards as a direct cost. The final rule changes the requirements for timekeeping by requiring recipient employees who charge their time to awards as direct costs to keep time consistent with this part; establishing that employees must submit their time by the end of the pay period; requiring recipients to use the same documentation and standards for LSC grants as non-LSC grants; and allowing recipients to decide the time increments that their employees should use to record their time.