Federal Communications Commission. March 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Radio Broadcasting Services; Black Rock, Cave City and Cherokee Village, AR, and Thayer, MO
Document Number: 05-5855
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2005-03-24
Agency: Federal Communications Commission., Federal Communications Commission, Agencies and Commissions
This document requests comments on two conflicting petitions for rulemaking. The first petition was jointly filed by KFCM, Inc. and Bragg Broadcasting, Inc., proposing the substitution of Channel 252C2 for Channel 252C3 at Cherokee Village, Arkansas, the reallotment of Channel 252C2 from Cherokee Village to Black Rock, Arkansas, and the modification of Station KFCM(FM)'s license accordingly; and the reallotment of Channel 222C2 from Thayer, Missouri to Cherokee Village, Arkansas, and the modification of Station KSAR(FM)'s license accordingly (RM-10837). The second petition was filed by Charles Crawford proposing the allotment of Channel 254A at Cave City, Arkansas, as the community's first local commercial FM transmission service. To accommodate the allotment, Crawford also proposes the reclassification of Station KURB(FM) at Little Rock, Arkansas from 253C to 253C0, pursuant to the Commission's reclassification procedures (RM- 10838). Channel 252C2 can be reallotted to Black Rock in compliance with the Commission's minimum distance separation requirements with a site restriction of 5.0 kilometers (3.1 miles) southwest at joint petitioners' requested site. The coordinates for Channel 252C2 at Black Rock are 36-05-25 North Latitude and 91-08-55 West Longitude. See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION, infra.