United States Mint April 2014 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Agency Information Collection Activity; Proposed Collection; U.S. Coinage Practices
Document Number: 2014-08930
Type: Notice
Date: 2014-04-18
Agency: United States Mint, Department of Treasury, Department of the Treasury
The United States Mint, a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, is announcing an opportunity for public comment on the proposed collection of certain information regarding the public's use of U.S. coins with special emphasis on low denomination coins. Under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA), agencies are required to publish notice in the Federal Register concerning each proposed collection of information and to allow 60 days for public comment in response to the notice. This notice solicits comments on a proposed information collection concerning U.S. coinage practices as required to determine the public's interest according to the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-302).
Notice With Request for Comment
Document Number: 2014-08022
Type: Notice
Date: 2014-04-10
Agency: United States Mint, Department of Treasury, Department of the Treasury
The United States Mint hosted a meeting with coin industry stakeholders on March 13, 2014, at which bureau officials solicited individual input and answered questions from participants on the effects of changing the metal composition of circulating United States coinage (See Federal Register, February 4, 2014). This notice and request for comment is to supplement the information that the United States Mint has received to date from its stakeholders on factors identified as a result of the bureau's research and development efforts on alternative metals for circulating United States coinage. Specifically, we are seeking input on these factors that the United States Mint identified in its Biennial Report to Congress on the Current Status of Coin Production Costs and Analysis of Alternative Content submitted to Congress in December 2012, which is available at the following Web site: https://www.usmint.gov/about_the_mint/PDFs/ United_States_Mint_Report_2012_Biennial_Report_to_the_ Congress_on_the_Current_Status_of_Coin_Production_Costs_and_ Analysis_of_Alternative_Content_December_2012.pdf, These factors include changes in weight, color, electromagnetic signature, environmental impact, and transition/implementation period.
Notification of Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee April 8, 2014, Public Meeting.
Document Number: 2014-07588
Type: Notice
Date: 2014-04-04
Agency: United States Mint, Department of Treasury, Department of the Treasury
Pursuant to United States Code, Title 31, section 5135(b)(8)(C), the United States Mint announces the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) public meeting scheduled for April 8, 2014. Date: April 8, 2014. Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Location: This meeting will occur via teleconference. Interested members of the public may attend the meeting at the United States Mint; 801 9th Street NW., Washington, DC, Conference Room A. Subject: Discussion of potential recommendation to change the reverse design of the American Eagle Silver $1 Bullion Coin, and discussion and potential recommendation to recommend designs for national medals. Interested persons should call the CCAC HOTLINE at (202) 354-7502 for the latest update on meeting time and room location. In accordance with 31 U.S.C. 5135, the CCAC: [ssquf] Advises the Secretary of the Treasury on any theme or design proposals relating to circulating coinage, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals, and national and other medals. [ssquf] Advises the Secretary of the Treasury with regard to the events, persons, or places to be commemorated by the issuance of commemorative coins in each of the five calendar years succeeding the year in which a commemorative coin designation is made. [ssquf] Makes recommendations with respect to the mintage level for any commemorative coin recommended.
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