National Highway Traffic Safety Administration December 12, 2011 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention
Document Number: 2011-31441
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2011-12-12
Agency: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation
In this NPRM, we (NHTSA) address safety issues arising from increasing variations of keyless ignition controls, and the operation of those controls. At issue are drivers' inability to stop a moving vehicle in a panic situation, and drivers who unintentionally leave the vehicle without the vehicle transmission's being ``locked in park,'' or with the engine still running, increasing the chances of vehicle rollaway or carbon monoxide poisoning in an enclosed area. Therefore in this NPRM, among other matters, we propose to standardize the operation of controls that are used to stop the vehicle engine or other propulsion system and that do not involve the use of a physical key. We are also proposing to require that an audible warning be given to any driver who: Attempts to shut down the propulsion system without first moving the gear selection control to the ``park'' position (for vehicles with a ``park'' position); exits a vehicle without having first moved the gear selection control to ``park'' (for vehicles with a ``park'' position), or exits a vehicle without first turning off the propulsion system.