Department of Navy December 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Notice of Availability of Government-Owned Inventions; Available for Licensing
Document Number: E5-7042
Type: Notice
Date: 2005-12-08
Agency: Department of Defense, Department of Navy, Navy Department
The inventions listed below are assigned to the United States Government as represented by the Secretary of the Navy and are available for licensing by the Department of the Navy. U.S. Patent Number 6,121,911 entitled ``Data gathering circuit having reduced power consumption'', Navy Case Number 77551, Inventors Alloca et al, Issue date September 29, 2000. U.S. Patent Number 6,125,270 entitled ``Verification system for transmitters and command tone generators'', Navy Case Number 78452, Inventor Prockup, Issue date September 26, 2000. U.S. Patent Number 6,450,449 entitled ``Crashworthy seat'', Navy Case Number 79150, Inventors Podob et al, Issue date September 17, 2002. U.S. Patent Number 6,484,072 entitled ``Embedded terrain awareness warning system for aircraft'', Navy Case Number 83144, Inventors Anderson et al, Issue date November 19, 2002. U.S. Patent Number 6,557,570 entitled ``Portable apparatus for cleaning a conduit and method for cleaning a conduit'', Navy Case Number 82426, Inventors Gierbolini et al, Issue date May 06, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,590,377 entitled ``Narrow band frequency detection circuit'', Navy Case Number 79123, Inventor Prockup, Issue date July 08, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,616,097 entitled ``Reconfigurable reconnaissance pod system'', Navy Case Number 82920, Inventor Hilbert, Issue date September 09, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,621,836 entitled ``Tunable multi-frequency vertical cavity surface emitting laser'', Navy Case Number 82243, Inventor Karwacki, Issue date September 16, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,659,963 entitled ``Apparatus for obtaining temperature and humidity measurements'', Navy Case Number 82970, Inventors Kaufman et al, Issue date December 09, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,667,262 entitled ``Self-lubricating ceramic composites'', Navy Case Number 74503, Inventors Agarwala et al, Issue date December 23, 2003. U.S. Patent Number 6,760,571 entitled ``Automatic frequency deviation detection and correction apparatus'', Navy Case Number 79124, Inventor Prockup, Issue date July 06, 2004. Navy Case Number 76519 entitled ``Method for reducing hazards'', Inventor Gill, U.S. Application Number 11/220,189 filed on September 01, 2005. Navy Case Number 85000 entitled ``Just in time wiring information system'', Inventors Edwards et al, U.S. Application Number 11/251,535 filed on September 29, 2005. Navy Case Number 95904 entitled ``Oleaginous corrosion resistant composition'', Inventors Arafat et al, Filed on October 27, 2005. Navy Case Number 96569 entitled ``Method for fabrication of a polymeric, conductive optical transparency'', Inventors Coughlin et al, U.S. Application Number 11/251,539 filed on October 03, 2005. Navy Case Number 96766 entitled ``Personal portable environmental control system'', Inventor Askew, U.S. Application Number 11/250,710 filed on October 03, 2005. U.S. Patent Number 5,540,218 entitled ``Respiratory system particularly suited for aircrew use'', Navy Case Number 76043, Inventors Jones et al, Issue date July 30, 1996. U.S. Patent Number 5,916,372 entitled ``Non-solvent, general use exterior aircraft cleaner'', Navy Case Number 79444, Inventors Bevilacqua et al, Issue date June 29, 1999.
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