Western Area Power Administration May 2016 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Record of Decision for the San Luis Transmission Project (DOE/EIS-0496)
Document Number: 2016-10802
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-05-09
Agency: Western Area Power Administration, Department of Energy
The Western Area Power Administration (Western), a power marketing administration within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority (Authority), a California joint powers agency, have prepared a joint Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the San Luis Transmission Project (SLTP or Proposed Project). Western is the Federal lead agency under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the Authority is the state lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) is a NEPA Cooperating Agency. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is a CEQA Responsible Agency. Western proposes to construct, own, operate, and maintain approximately 95 miles of new transmission lines within easements ranging from 125 to 250 feet wide through Alameda, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced Counties along the foothills of the western San Joaquin Valley. Western also would upgrade or expand its existing substations, make the necessary arrangements to upgrade or expand existing Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) substations, or construct new substations to accommodate the interconnections of these new transmission lines. The Notice of Availability (NOA) of the Final EIS/EIR was published in the Federal Register on March 25, 2016 (81 FR 16175). After considering the environmental impacts, Western has decided to construct, operate, and maintain the transmission line and other project components within the corridors identified as the Agency Preferred Alternative in the Final EIS/EIR.
Proposed 2025 Power Marketing Plan
Document Number: 2016-10620
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-05-06
Agency: Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration
The Department of Energy (DOE), Western Area Power Administration (Western), Sierra Nevada Region (SNR) has developed a Proposed 2025 Power Marketing Plan (Proposed Plan). The Proposed Plan provides for marketing power from the Central Valley Project (CVP) and the Washoe Project from January 1, 2025, through December 31, 2054. Western currently markets about 1,580 megawatts (MW) of power from the CVP and 3.65 MW from the Washoe Project under long-term contracts to approximately 80 preference customers in northern and central California and Nevada. On December 31, 2024, all of Western's long-term power sales contracts will expire. Western developed the Proposed Plan to define the products and services to be offered, and the Eligibility and Allocation Criteria that will lead to allocations of SNR's power starting on January 1, 2025, and going through December 31, 2054. This Federal Register notice initiates the formal public process for the Proposed Plan. As part of the process, Western requests public comment.
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