Economic Analysis Bureau September 13, 2007 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Direct Investment Surveys: BE-11, Annual Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad
Document Number: E7-18036
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2007-09-13
Agency: Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Economic Analysis Bureau
This proposed rule would amend regulations concerning the reporting requirements for the BE-11, Annual Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad. The BE-11 survey is conducted annually and is a sample survey that obtains financial and operating data covering the overall operations of U.S. parent companies and their foreign affiliates. Currently, banks are excluded from coverage. BEA proposes to expand the reporting requirements on the BE-11 annual survey so that U.S. parent companies that are banks, foreign affiliates of bank parents, and bank foreign affiliates of nonbank parents will be reportable. A few minor changes will be required to the instructions on Form BE-11A, Report for U.S. Reporter, so it can be used to collect bank as well as nonbank data. BEA is now implementing a new, specialized Form BE-11B for foreign affiliates of bank parents and bank foreign affiliates of nonbank parents.