Arctic Research Commission May 2006 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Invitation for the Public To Provide Recommendations to the U.S. Arctic Research Commission Regarding Future Goals for U.S. Arctic Research
Document Number: 06-4849
Type: Notice
Date: 2006-05-25
Agency: Arctic Research Commission, Agencies and Commissions
The U.S. Arctic Research Commission is drafting its biennial report to the President an Congress on goals for the U.S. Arctic research program, due in January 2007. This notice is an invitation to the Arctic research community and the public at large to provide recommendations to the Commission for consideration in its ``Report on Goals and Objectives 2007.'' Arctic research is conducted by 15 agencies of the United States government and is coordinated by the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) chaired by the National Science Foundation. Recent focus of U.S. Arctic research spans a number of goals and objectives including the study of Arctic climate change, geophysics, health of Arctic ecosystems, health of Arctic residents, assessment of Arctic resources, and studies of Arctic infrastructure. Under the Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984, the seven citizen members of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission provide goals for that program which, if approved by the President, are incorporated into the nation's five year Arctic Research Plan. In its last report in 2005, submitted to the President and Congress, the Commission sought five broad research objectives for programs integrated across Federal agencies. The Commission also made specific recommendations to Federal agencies for work within their own programs, for international coordination of research and for investment in Arctic research infrastructure. The public is invited to participate in the Commission's formulation of its recommendations for the 2007 Goals Report. We invite your comments and recommendations regarding the future U.S. Arctic research program and the Arctic research priorities of the Federal agencies. Comments should be addressed to Kathy Farrow at the Commission offices by e-mail at (in the subject line please insert ``goals report'') or by fax 1-703-525-0114, and should be received at the Commission's Arlington, Virginia office by no later than 1 July 2006. The Commission will meet to hear public comment and invited testimony regarding the future U.S. Arctic research program on the following dates:
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