Agency for International Development February 2007 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Board for International Food and Agricultural Development One Hundred and Fiftieth Meeting; Notice of Meeting
Document Number: E7-2900
Type: Notice
Date: 2007-02-22
Agency: Agency for International Development, Agencies and Commissions
USAID Direct Contracts for Personal Services
Document Number: E7-2311
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2007-02-13
Agency: Agency for International Development, Agencies and Commissions
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is proposing to consolidate its regulations on USAID Direct Contracts for all types of Personal Services into one Appendix. This will clarify and consolidate all regulations for personal services contracts and will eliminate the need for having to refer to multiple sources. This new Appendix A will replace Appendix DDirect USAID Contracts with a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Resident Alien for Personal Services Abroad, and Appendix JDirect USAID Contracts with a Cooperative Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad. Appendix A will also incorporate all the regulations and policies currently contained in Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition and Assistance Directives (AAPDs). This will eliminate the need to refer to two different appendices and other sources for regulations and policies on personal services contracting. This Appendix will be divided into four partsone part containing provisions for all types of Personal Services Contracts (PSCs), the second part for U.S. PSCs only, the third part for Third-Country National (TCN) PSCs only, and the fourth part for Cooperating Country National (CCN) PSCs, also known as Foreign Service National (FSN) PSCs only. The USPSC part will identify the provisions for U.S. nationals working in AID/W and those posted overseas. In addition, all non- regulatory information such as procedures and guidance currently contained in Appendices D and J will be removed and incorporated into USAID's internal policy manualthe automated directives system (ADS). We believe this separation of regulations and policies from the procedures and guidance on personal services contracting will clarify and consolidate the regulatory requirements.
Notice of Meeting
Document Number: E7-1764
Type: Notice
Date: 2007-02-05
Agency: Agency for International Development, Agencies and Commissions