Hazardous Materials: Notice of Actions on Special Permits, 30368-30370 [2021-11877]


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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Hazardous Materials: Notice of Actions on Special Permits

AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on special permit applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations, notice is hereby given 
that the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety has received the 
application described herein.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before July 7, 2021.

ADDRESSES: Record Center, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety 
Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 
    Comments should refer to the application number and be submitted in 
triplicate. If confirmation of receipt of comments is desired, include 
a self-

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addressed stamped postcard showing the special permit number.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Donald Burger, Chief, Office of 
Hazardous Materials Safety General Approvals and Permits Branch, 
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Department 
of Transportation, East Building, PHH-13, 1200 New Jersey Avenue 
Southeast, Washington, DC 20590-0001, (202) 366-4535.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Copies of the applications are available for 
inspection in the Records Center, East Building, PHH-30, 1200 New 
Jersey Avenue Southeast, Washington DC.
    This notice of receipt of applications for special permit is 
published in accordance with part 107 of the Federal hazardous 
materials transportation law (49 U.S.C. 5117(b); 49 CFR 1.53(b)).

    Issued in Washington, DC, on June 2, 2021.
Donald P. Burger,
Chief, General Approvals and Permits Branch.

                                                        Nature of the
 Application No.     Applicant      Regulation(s)      special permits
                                       affected            thereof
                      Special Permits Data--Granted
5749-M..........  Chemours         173.315(a).....  To modify the
                   Company Fc LLC.                   special permit to
                                                     authorize a new
                                                     distillate trailer.
11110-M.........  United Parcel    171.8, 175.75..  To modify the
                   Service Co.                       special permit to
                                                     additional airlines
                                                     to use the permit.
14782-M.........  Southern         173.304a.......  To modify the
                   States, LLC.                      special permit to
                                                     act as an approval
                                                     and to comply with
                                                     the International
                                                     Maritime Dangerous
                                                     Goods Code.
20301-M.........  Tesla, Inc.....  172.101(j),      To modify the
                                    173.185(a)(1),   special permit to
                                    173.185(b)(3)(   authorize a new
                                    i),              pressure relief
                                    173.185(b)(3)(   design and to
                                    ii).             increase cell
20706-M.........  Southern         172.301(c),      To modify the
                   States, LLC.     173.304(a).      special permit to
                                                     authorize the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     compressed sulfur
                                                     hexafluoride gas in
                                                     packaging in
                                                     accordance with
                                                     IMDG Regulations.
20801-M.........  New Avon         172.315(a)(2)..  To modify the
                   Company.                          special permit to
                                                     authorize cargo
                                                     vessel as a mode of
21080-N.........  Visuray LLC....  173.222(c)(3)..  To authorize the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     quantities of
                                                     Division 2.2 gases
                                                     in excess of what
                                                     is authorized in
21088-N.........  Logbatt Gmbh...  173.24(g)......  To authorize the
                                                     manufacture, mark,
                                                     sale, and use of
                                                     packagings that
                                                     vent for the
                                                     purpose of
                                                     damaged, defective,
                                                     and recalled
21105-M.........  US EPA Region 5  172.102(c)(1),   To modify the
                                    173.185(f)(1),   special permit to
                                    173.185(f)(3).   authorize the
                                                     transportation of
                                                     damaged, silicone-
                                                     covered Maxell
21139-N.........  KULR Technology  172.200,         To authorize the
                   Corporation.     172.700(a).      transportation in
                                                     commerce of lithium
                                                     batteries with
                                                     limited relief from
                                                     the shipping papers
                                                     and training
                                                     required in 49 CFR
                                                     Subparts C and H of
                                                     Part 172 of the
                                                     U.S. HMR when
                                                     shipped in a
                                                     thermal containment
                                                     manufactured by
                                                     KULR for recycling.
21141-N.........  Pollution        172.320,         To authorize the
                   Control Inc.     173.56(b).       transportation in
                                                     commerce, for the
                                                     purpose of disposal
                                                     only, of certain
                                                     waste energetic
                                                     substances classed
                                                     as Division 1.1D,
                                                     subject to the
                                                     packaging and
                                                     special provisions
                                                     prescribed herein.
21168-N.........  Nexair, LLC....  172.203(a),      To authorize the
                                    180.205(c),      transportation in
                                    180.209(a),      commerce of certain
                                    180.209(b)(1),   Division 2.1 and
                                    180.209(b)(1)(   2.2 hazardous
                                    iv).             materials in DOT
                                                     Specification 3AL
                                                     manufactured under
                                                     DOT-SP 12440, and
                                                     ISO 7866 cylinders
                                                     that are
                                                     requalified every
                                                     ten years rather
                                                     than every five
                                                     years using 100%
21174-N.........  LG Energy        172.101(j).....  To authorize the
                   Solution, Ltd.                    transportation in
                                                     commerce of lithium
                                                     batteries exceeding
                                                     35 kg by cargo-only
21181-N.........  Terracycle       172.102(c),      To authorize the
                   Regulated        172.200,         manufacture,
                   Waste LLC.       172.300,         marking, sale and
                                    172.400,         use of non-DOT
                                    173.159a(c)(2)   specification
                                    ,                fiberboard boxes
                                    173.185(c)(1)(   for the
                                    iii),            transportation in
                                    173.185(c)(1)(   commerce of certain
                                    iv),             batteries without
                                    173.185(c)(1)(   shipping papers,
                                    v),              marking of the
                                    173.185(c)(3).   proper shipping
                                                     name and
                                                     number or labeling,
                                                     when transported
                                                     for recycling or
21192-N.........  Vacco            ...............  To authorize the
                   Industries.                       transportation in
                                                     commerce of non-DOT
                                                     containing certain
                                                     refrigerant gases
                                                     housed within a
21194-N.........  Spaceflight,     173.185(e)(3)..  To authorize the
                   Inc.                              transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     prototype and low
                                                     production lithium
                                                     batteries contained
                                                     in equipment in
                                                     packaging by ground
21200-N.........  National         173.301(a)(1),   To authorize the
                   Aeronautics      173.301(f)(1),   transportation in
                   and Space        173.301(h)(3),   commerce of non-DOT
                   Administration.  173.302(a)(1),   specification
                                    173.302(f)(2).   cylinders
                                                     compressed air.
21204-N.........  Aegis Resource   172.400........  To authorize the
                   Management LLC.                   transportation in
                                                     commerce of certain
                                                     waste hazardous
                                                     materials when
                                                     utilizing alternate

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21211-N.........  The Home Depot   172.301(a)(1),   To authorize the
                   Inc.             172.301(c),      transportation of
                                    172.301(d).      hand sanitizer for
                                                     donation in non-
                                                     bulk combination
                                                     packages without
                                                     certain markings.
21213-N.........  Space            172.300,         To authorize the
                   Exploration      172.400,         transportation in
                   Technologies     173.302(a).      commerce of
                   Corp.                             satellites
                                                     containing krypton,
                                                     compressed in non-
                                                     DOT specification
21220-N.........  Fireworks Over   172.301(a)(1),   To authorize the
                   America.         172.401(a)(2).   transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     fireworks classed
                                                     as UN0355 by China
                                                     as UN0431 within
                                                     the US.
21223-N.........  Atlas            173.56.........  To authorize the
                   Pyrovision                        transportation of
                   Entertainment                     pyrotechnic
                   Group, Inc.                       articles that are
                                                     reclassed as
21225-N.........  Praxair          173.301(f),      To authorize the
                   Distribution,    179.500-12.      transportation in
                   Inc.                              commerce of
                                                     tetroxide in multi-
                                                     unit tank cars
                                                     equipped with
                                                     pressure relief
                      Special Permits Data--Denied
20705-M.........  Exhaust Center,  177.834(h),      To modify the
                   Inc.             178.700(c)(1).   special permit to
                                                     authorize three new
                                                     tank designs.
21143-N.........  Tradewater LLC.  172.700(a),      To authorize the
                                    173.306(a).      transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     refrigerant gases
                                                     in DOT 2Q
                                                     receptacles as
                                                     limited quantities
                                                     by motor vehicle
                                                     and rail without
                                                     requiring training
                                                     in accordance with
                                                     Part 172 subpart H.
21170-N.........  Westwind         172.101(j).....  To authorize the
                   Helicopters,                      transportation in
                   Inc.                              commerce of certain
                                                     hazardous materials
                                                     by passenger-
                                                     carrying aircraft
                                                     in quantities that
                                                     exceed the
                                                     limitation in
                                                     Column (9A) of the
                                                     172.101 Table.
                     Special Permits Data--Withdrawn
21230-N.........  National Air     175.501(d).....  To authorize the
                   Cargo Group,                      carriage of a
                   Inc.                              Division 2.2
                                                     material exceeding
                                                     the quantity
                                                     limitations for
                                                     cargo aircraft.
21236-N.........  Tesla, Inc.....  173.185(b)(1)..  To authorize the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of lithium
                                                     ion cells within

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