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Office of the Secretary


Invasive Species Advisory Committee; Call for Nominations

AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, National Invasive Species Council, 

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of the Interior, on behalf of the 
interdepartmental National Invasive Species Council (NISC), proposes to 
appoint new members to the Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC). 
The Secretary of the Interior, acting as administrative lead, is 
requesting nominations for qualified persons to serve as members of the 

DATES: Nominations must be postmarked by February 18, 2016.

ADDRESSES: Nominations should be sent to Jamie K. Reaser, Executive 
Director, National Invasive Species Council Secretariat (OS/NISC), by 
regular/express mail: 1849 C Street NW., (Mailstop 3530), Washington, 
DC 20240 and email:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kelsey Brantley, Program Specialist 
and ISAC Coordinator, at (202) 208-4122, fax: (202) 208-4118, or by 
email at

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Executive Order (EO) 13122 authorized the 
National Invasive Species Council (NISC) to provide interdepartmental 
coordination, planning, and leadership for the Federal Government on 
the prevention, eradication, and control of invasive species. NISC is 
currently comprised of thirteen Federal Departments and Agencies. The 
Co-chairs of NISC are the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, and 
Commerce. The Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC) advises NISC. 
NISC is requesting nominations for senior-level professionals to serve 
on the ISAC.
    Nominations that were submitted in response to the Federal Register 
notice dated September 30, 2015 are still under

[[Page 6038]]

consideration. These nominees do not need to reapply, unless they wish 
to make changes to their nomination package.
    NISC provides high-level interdepartmental coordination of Federal 
invasive species actions and works with other Federal and non-Federal 
groups to address invasive species issues at national and international 
levels. NISC duties, as outlined in EO 13112 are to: oversee 
implementation of EO 13112, while working to ensure that the Federal 
agency activities concerning invasive species are coordinated, 
complementary, cost-efficient, and effective; encourage planning and 
action at local, tribal, state, regional, and ecosystem-based level to 
achieve strategic goals; develop recommendations for international 
cooperation; work with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to 
develop guidance to Federal Agencies pursuant to the National 
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); facilitate development of a 
coordinated network among Federal Agencies to document, evaluate, and 
monitor invasive species impacts; and prepare, issue (implement), and 
update a National Invasive Species Management Plan (Management Plan).
    ISAC is regulated by the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA; 5 
U.S.C. App. 2). At the request of NISC, ISAC provides advice to NISC 
member Departments and Agencies on topics related to NISC's 
aforementioned duties. As a multi-stakeholder advisory committee, ISAC 
is intended to play a key role in recommending plans and actions to be 
taken at local, tribal, state, regional, and ecosystem-based levels to 
achieve the goals and objectives of the Management Plan. It is hoped 
that, collectively, ISAC will represent the views of the broad range of 
individuals and communities knowledgeable of and affected by invasive 
    Prospective members of ISAC need to be senior-level professionals 
with expertise relevant to the prevention, eradication, and/or control 
of invasive species who have demonstrated a high degree of capacity 
for: Advising individuals in leadership positions, team work, project 
management, tracking relevant Federal government programs and policy 
making procedures, and networking with and representing their peer-
community of interest. ISAC members need not be scientists. Membership 
from a wide range of disciplines and professional sectors is 
encouraged. At this time, we are particularly interested in 
applications from senior-level representatives of tribes, small 
businesses, non-profit and/or private sector entities focused on 
landscape-scale management, and organizations specializing in 
innovative communication strategies.
    After consultation with the other members of NISC, the Secretary of 
the Interior will appoint members to ISAC. NISC will select members 
based on their individual qualifications, as well as the overall need 
to achieve a balanced representation of viewpoints, subject matter 
expertise, regional knowledge, and representation of communities of 
interests. ISAC member terms are limited to three (3) years from their 
date of appointment to ISAC. Following completion of their first term, 
an ISAC member may request consideration for reappointment to an 
additional term. Reappointment is not guaranteed.
    Typically, the ISAC meets twice per year (spring and fall). Between 
these meetings, ISAC subcommittees are expected to work via conference 
calls and email exchanges. Members of the ISAC and its subcommittees 
serve without pay. However, while away from their homes or regular 
places of business in the performance of services of the ISAC, members 
may be reimbursed for travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of 
subsistence, in the same manner as persons employed intermittently in 
the government service, as authorized by section 5703 of Title 5, 
United States Code. Employees of the Federal Government ARE NOT 
eligible for nomination or appointment to ISAC.
    Individuals who are federally registered lobbyists are ineligible 
to serve on all FACA and non-FACA boards, committees, or councils in an 
individual capacity. The term ``individual capacity'' refers to 
individuals who are appointed to exercise their own individual best 
judgment on behalf of the government, such as when they are designated 
Special Government Employees, rather than being appointed to represent 
a particular interest.
    Submitting Nominations: Nominations should include a resume 
providing an adequate description of the nominee's qualifications (see 
paragraph five), including information that would enable the Department 
of the Interior to make an informed decision regarding meeting the 
membership requirements of the ISAC and permit the Department of the 
Interior to contact a potential member.
    Any interested person or entity may nominate one or more qualified 
individuals for membership on the ISAC. Self-nominations are also 
accepted. Persons or entities submitting nomination packages on the 
behalf of others must confirm that the individual(s) is/are aware of 
their nomination. Nominations must be postmarked no later than February 
18, 2016 to Jamie K. Reaser, Executive Director, National Invasive 
Species Council Secretariat (OS/NISC), Regular Mail: 1849 C Street NW. 
(MS 3530), Washington, DC, 20240 and emailed to:

    Dated: January 29, 2016.
Jamie K. Reaser,
Executive Director, National Invasive Species Council.
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