February 2, 2016 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

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Coordination of Federal Authorizations for Electric Transmission Facilities
Document Number: 2016-01641
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Department of Energy
The Department of Energy (DOE) proposes to amend its regulations for the timely coordination of Federal Authorizations for proposed interstate electric transmission facilities pursuant to section 216(h) of the Federal Power Act (FPA). The proposed amendments are intended to improve the pre-application procedures and result in more efficient processing of applications.
Discount Rates for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Federal Programs
Document Number: 2016-01604
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Management and Budget Office, Executive Office of the President
The Office of Management and Budget revised Circular A-94 in 1992. The revised Circular specified certain discount rates to be updated annually when the interest rate and inflation assumptions used to prepare the Budget of the United States Government were changed. These discount rates are found in Appendix C of the revised Circular. The updated discount rates are shown below. The discount rates in Appendix C are to be used for cost-effectiveness analysis, including lease-purchase analysis, as specified in the revised Circular. They do not apply to regulatory analysis.
Medicaid Program; Face-to-Face Requirements for Home Health Services; Policy Changes and Clarifications Related to Home Health
Document Number: 2016-01585
Type: Rule
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services
This final rule revises the Medicaid home health service definition consistent with section 6407 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (the Affordable Care Act) and section 504 of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) to add requirements that, for home health services, physicians document, and, for certain medical equipment, physicians or certain authorized non-physician practitioners (NPP) document the occurrence of a face-to- face encounter (including through the use of telehealth) with the Medicaid eligible beneficiary within reasonable timeframes. This rule also aligns the timeframes for the face-to-face encounter with similar regulatory requirements for Medicare home health services. In addition, this rule amends the definitions of medical supplies, equipment, and appliances. We expect minimal impact with the implementation of section 6407 of the Affordable Care Act and section 504 of MACRA. We recognize that states may have budgetary implications as a result of the amended definitions of medical supplies, equipment and appliances. Specifically, this rule may expand coverage of medical supplies, equipment and appliances under the home health benefit. There will be items that had previously only been offered under certain sections of the Act that will now be covered under the home health benefit.
Nanotechnology Commercialization Success Stories
Document Number: 2016-01521
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Office of Science and Technology Policy
The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to seek examples of commercialization success stories stemming from U.S. Government-funded nanotechnology research and development (R&D) since the inception of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) in 2001. The information gathered in response to this RFI may be used as examples to highlight the impact of the Initiative or to inform future activities to promote the commercialization of federally funded nanotechnology R&D. Depending on the nature of the feedback, responses may be used to shape the agenda for a workshop to share best practices and showcase commercial nanotechnology-enabled products and services. Commercial entities, academic institutions, government laboratories, and individuals who have participated in federally funded R&D; collaborated with Federal laboratories; utilized federally funded user facilities for nanoscale fabrication, characterization, and/or simulation; or have otherwise benefited from NNI agency resources are invited to respond.
Applications and Amendments to Facility Operating Licenses and Combined Licenses Involving Proposed No Significant Hazards Considerations and Containing Sensitive Unclassified Non-Safeguards Information and Order Imposing Procedures for Access to Sensitive Unclassified Non-Safeguards Information
Document Number: 2016-01373
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Agencies and Commissions
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) received and is considering approval of one amendment request. The amendment request is for Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1; and H. B. Robinson Steam Electric Plant, Unit No. 2. The NRC proposes to determine that the amendment request involves no significant hazards consideration. In addition, the amendment request contains sensitive unclassified non- safeguards information (SUNSI).
Revitalization of the AM Radio Service
Document Number: 2016-01321
Type: Rule
Date: 2016-02-02
Agency: Federal Communications Commission, Agencies and Commissions
In this document, the Commission announces that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved on January 19, 2016, for a period for three years, an information collection for FCC Form 338, AM Station Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) Notification Form and 47 CFR 73.1560 contained in the Report and Order, FCC 15-142. This document is consistent with the Report and Order, which stated that the Commission would publish a document in the Federal Register announcing OMB approval and the effective date of the requirements.