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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Statement of Organization, Functions, and Delegations of 

    Part C (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of the 
Statement of Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority of 
the Department of Health and Human Services (45 FR 67772-76, dated 
October 14, 1980, and corrected at 45 FR 69296, October 20, 1980, as 
amended most recently at 80 FR 76493-76499, dated December 9, 2015) is 
amended to reflect the reorganization of the Division of Communication 
Services, Office of the Associate Director for Communication, Centers 
for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Section C-B, Organization and Functions, is hereby amended as 
    Delete in its entirety the title and the mission and function 
statements for the Division of Communication Services (CAUD) and insert 
the following:
    Division of Communication Services (CAUD). The Division of 
Communication Services (DCS) provides agency-wide CDC graphics, 
broadcast, photography, translation, interpretation, public 
information, and communication consultation/analysis leadership and 
support. To carry out its mission, the division performs the following 
functions: (1) Ensures broadcast functionality/broadcast engineering 
support including connectivity among physical assets such as the Global 
Communications Center, Emergency Operations Center, and continuity of 
operations for CDC; (2) develops and disseminates video and audio 
production; (3) manages CDC graphic design and production services 
including CDC branding and identity standards; (4) supports new 
broadcast communication mechanisms (e.g. HHS TV, CDC TV, radio/TV 
broadcast, podcast, webcast, and videos-on-demand) for CDC programs; 
(5) provides support for broadcast delivery press conferences and media 
interviews; (6) provides scientific and events photography; (7) 
provides multilingual translation and interpretation, and cross 
cultural communication assistance to Centers, Institute and Offices 
(CIOs) across CDC; (8) provides consultation and analysis of consumer 
research data to CIOs used for developing and evaluating health 
communication and marketing to specific audiences; (9) manages day-to-
day operations of meeting space within CDC's meeting center, the Global 
Communications Center; and (10) manages CDC-INFO (CDC's telephone, 
email, and publications fulfillment services center); (11) oversees the 
agency-wide print management program; (12) manages CDC-wide information 
services including electronic and postal distribution lists, and 
electronic announcements; and (13) provides writer-editor services on 
behalf of CDC Office of the Director.
    Office of the Director (CAUD1). (1) Develops the strategic 
priorities and manages the program activities of the division; (2) 
provides leadership for ensuring all DCS products are of the highest 
quality; (3) helps CIOs use existing or develop new mechanisms for 
communicating with the public and CDC partners; (4) coordinates support 
for meetings held in the Global Communications Center with internal and 
external customers; (5) coordinates the use of the CDC exhibit for 
public health conferences; (6) manages overall IT-related functions for 
the division, including Create-IT (DCS' online internal tracking and 
triage system), Trados SDL (translation memory application), and CDC-
INFO IT applications; (7) provides and manages multi-year, multi-vendor 
CDC-wide communication contracts mechanism for use by CIO clients; (8) 
updates and manages Create-IT system for tracking and triage of work 
requests including associated customer satisfaction and other 
performance metrics for internal and external (CIO) use; (9) oversees 
the agency-wide print management program; (10) manages CDC-wide 
information services including electronic distribution lists, and 
electronic announcements; (11) administers CDC wide multi-year, multi-
vendor communication contracts mechanism; (12) advises on methods for 
gaining public input on health issues and priorities (e.g., advisory 
mechanisms, focus groups, polling, legislative, and media tracking); 
(13) manages contract resources and provides analysis relative to 
audience segmentation and behavior, and (14) provides agency-wide 
multi-lingual service (MLS) support to include direct Spanish language 
translation, facilitating and coordinating support for other languages, 
and cross-cultural communication assistance as well as MLS leadership 
(e.g. implementation of agency Language Access Plan).
    Broadcast Services Branch (CAUDB). (1) Develops and produces audio, 
video, and multi-media health information products; (2) provides CDC 
with global communication capacity for high-definition broadcast, 
webcast and emerging social and health media delivery channels; (3) 
supports the CDC Emergency Operations Center to provide response 
capacity and capability for emergency broadcasts; (4) develops and 
delivers health information broadcast programs in coordination with HHS 
for the public, including podcasts, CDC-TV and other channels; (5) 
creates and produces communication using new forms of social and 
electronic media; (6) collaborates with other areas of CDC to review 
and recommend potential audio and video technology; and (7) develops 
distance education, health communication, and training products to 
reach public health partners and professionals.
    Graphics Services Branch (CAUDC). (1) Leads and coordinates CDC 
visual information activities; (2) develops and produces graphic 
illustrations, including scientific posters, infographics, desktop 
published documents, visual presentations, conference materials, 
brochures and fact sheets, newsletters, and exhibits; (3) manages 
scientific and event photography; (4) provides creative direction and 
brand management guidance for graphics products and sets guidelines and 
standards for quality and consistency across the agency; (5) manages 
tracking and triage function within Create-IT system for management of 
work requests; and (6) provides technical assistance on large or 
multidisciplinary projects to provide a consistent approach across 
communication products.
    CDC-INFO and Print Services Branch (CAUDD). (1) Provides the public 
with accessible, accurate, and credible health information in English 
and Spanish, 24/7, to include phone, email and U.S. mail; (2) ensures 
the CDC-INFO call center standards are kept for quality assurance, 
customer satisfaction, performance, and health impact when dealing with 
the public; (3) provides surge (to include 24/7) support through the 1-
800 call center for public health emergencies and establishes policies 
and procedures with the CDC Emergency Operations Center, Joint 
Information Center; (4) manages CDC's ordering and distribution 
facility for health publications; (5) liaisons with contract suppliers, 
the Government

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Printing Office, HHS, and other agencies on matters pertaining to print 
and publication procurement; (6) analyzes and reports CDC-INFO data to 
inform communication planning and programs throughout the agency; and 
(7) provides writer-editor support for the Office of the Director.

Sherri A. Berger,
Chief Operating Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
[FR Doc. 2016-01676 Filed 1-27-16; 8:45 am]